Let me know what you think about how bodies corporate operate

Over the last 12 months as the MP for Auckland Central I have had people approach me regarding potential issues with bodies corporate.

Nikki Kaye

At this stage I am just asking that you tell me your views on whether the rules around bodies corporate are working or whether you want change. I plan to continue to work with Ministers to see if there is a need for any improvements.

One of the issues that has been raised is whether there is a need for greater accessibility and transparency of information around Bodies Corporate.

My electorate in Auckland Central has huge numbers of apartments. As the growth in apartments continue it is important people have confidence in how bodies corporate operate.

 - Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central


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  • signed 2016-01-21 12:09:47 +1300
    I manage bodies corporate (Lodge Real Estate) and have approximately 17 years experience in the industry (approximately half this experience was in the UK).

    Chairperson – There is great emphasis on having a Chairperson, there is no mention on what to do if one is not appointed. There are instances where no owners show up or respond by postal vote or send in their proxy. Why cant a Chairperson nominate themselves as sometimes only one person turns up? Many of our clients expect us to be the Chairperson but the Regulations will not allow this.

    Licences over common property – The process for installing Ultrafast broadband should be simplified to reduce the time and cost for such an excercise. Having to write to the mortgage companies and go through a 28 day notice period even though all owners have signed to say they approve the fibre being installed (through ducting already in place on most occassions) is very frustrating.

    I look forward to reading other comment coming through and hopefully learn something in the process.
  • signed 2016-01-21 10:41:05 +1300
    A retired relative of mine on a fixed income lives in an apartment building in Wellington, and has been hit more than once by additional maintenance fees.

    These of course should be included in the body corporate budgeting from set-up, so they are amortised, not treated as unexpected one-off hits for whoever happens to be in the building when the work can no longer be postponed.

    Governance, accounting and oversight needs to be brought up to standard in the sector, and there are likely overseas examples we can learn from and adapt.
  • signed 2016-01-21 10:41:02 +1300
    We need faster and cheaper resolution of situations where property owners decline to pay their levies. There has to be a better way instead of having to go through the court system. We constantly have a problem with people who claim to have the money, but are attempting to place their own conditions on what they want to pay and when, despite us having a proper process with AGM and EGM resolutions. Or, they’d just say their business has been slow and that they can’t pay. I’d like to see a mandatory insurance scheme for the body corporates for non-payment of BC levies. After failed attempt to collect the levies by the BC secretary, instead of having to go to court, the BC would submit a claim to the insurance supplying all the necessary information, and the insurance would pursue the owner and pay the outstanding levies. This would enable our BC to function better and avoid having to raise more funds than required just because we have bills to pay and some owners are treating the BC as their personal fee free bank. The amount of time, energy, stress and money we have spent over the years on legal actions is ridiculous. It is better if we just pay the insurance policy premium for bad debt and then let the insurance company chase the offending owners.
  • signed 2016-01-21 10:19:34 +1300
    I would like more information on liability for members of Body Corporates when the new Health and Safety Legislation comes into effect on April 1st. Very helpful if you or your office could provide us all with an opinion. Appreciate this forum and your initiative. VKR, Rosy Fenwicke
  • signed 2016-01-21 09:32:27 +1300
    If you are an important went in a Body Corp where the chair is out of control or neglecting accounts and maintenance etc, it appears here is nothing the other owners can do to remove him short of going to the a high Court, because only he can call a meeting which would vote him off he BC! We have no BC committee and can’t appoint one as he chair won’t call and AGM and no one else can. #loopholeinthelaw
  • signed 2016-01-21 07:11:39 +1300
    I have written extensively over many years on these issues. Many experts and lobby groups in the sector have called for legislative change due to problems with the Unit Titles Act. I look forward to hearing feedback from this site.